Ken Serio has been playing drums since the age of 11 years old when he joined the Junior  High School Band .. Seeing Ringo on TV at a very early age influenced Ken and he began banging on pots , pans ,boxes anything he could  hit! At age 5 his parents bought him a toy "Cowsells" drumset   and he loved it until he broke all the drumheads  !!!!

Ken grew up on Pawcatuck CT/ Westerly RI border, a fishing and beach town  .In the North Eastern USA.

Ken's parents were young when they had him ,and he was exposed to great deal of good music from The Beatles , Herb Alpert, Cream,Vanilla Fudge,to Deep Purple ,which would end up being one of Ken's all time favorite bands.  There was also soul music James Brown, Aretha Franklin , Issaic  HayesETC ETC .

    Ken finally got his first drum set at age 14  , he saved up money from mowing lawns  and was able to buy a 1962 Rogers Holiday kit with Ziljian  cymbals for 300 bucks,a tremendous deal. With that, Ken started playing with local groups and got more serious and in High School . In 1982 Ken received an  award to go to Berklee school of music . Ken decided to wait on school and kept playing locally getting more experience gigging  with better and more well known bands . 

 In  1987 Ken was in a band called Asylum  that was on brink of signing with A&M records and touring with Extreme  there new band that was doing very well.

Things didn't

work out and Ken found himself  now looking at the bigger picture .He knew without question that  he wanted to be a professional drummer  . So he started studying with a great drummer from Providence RI ,Evan Burr.

This led to Ken eventualy

meeting Danny Gottlieb

one of his drumming idols from The Pat Metheny Group and Danny introduced Ken to his teacher the great Joe Morello of Dave Brubeck "TAKE FIVE " fame. 

That teacher/ student relationship lasted the next 23 years until Joe' untimely death .

Ken also studied with Kenwood Dennard and Zak Danziger while in New York.

  During this time Ken had moved to New York City and then New Jersey  and had become a great studio drummer doing sessions, jingles,  and recordings as well as tours internationally.

To this day Ken has worked with some pretty big names in the business


Alicia Keys,

Billy Joel,

Joey Ramone.

Vic Juris,

Pete McCann,

Mark Egan,

Ronnie Earl,

Popa Chubby,

Billy Eric, 

Gil Goldstein,

Philip Glass,

Ed Littman,

Danny Gottlieb,

David Mann,

Dave Mullen,

Dem Brooklyn Bums,

Ken Wessel,

 Virginia Mayhew,

Racing 8,

Bed Of Nails,

Jon Cline Combine,

Victoria Warne,

Roman Holiday,

Ted Mckenna,

Micheal Powers,

Tomoko Ohno,

Shimpie Shiratori,

Gary Mazzoroppi,

and many more! 


Today Ken's  moved back to CT /RI area and is enjoying playing with local talents,  Styff Kitty,

Men with Guitars,The Kosmik Kats,

Wheel House,

 ,and local song writers .

He now has two new projects :


plus a great 


A NEW CD SOJOURN released in August !!

 Stay tuned for upcoming  dates on the live show page. 2018 is looking like a very busy year!!!

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The Great Joe Morello.